PM: I had nothing to do with THA

PM: I had nothing to do with THA

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has released a statement denying that he met with any officials from the PNM arm of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA).

The statement read, “Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley is in Tobago on a private “stay home” visit and has absolutely nothing to do with the Tobago House of Assembly’s issue of leadership and contrary to media speculation will not be meeting with or communicating with the PNM Executive of the Tobago Island Council.”

The Prime Minister’s statements were in response to an article printed in a popular newspaper which claimed that Rowley was in Tobago over the weekend, to hold discussions with PNM Tobago Council member following Charles’ departure.

Former Chief Secretary of the THA Kelvin Charles demitted his post last week Thursday.