PM hits back at Chamber of Industry and Commerce CEO

PM hits back at Chamber of Industry and Commerce CEO

“As head of the Chamber of Commerce Gabriel Faria can have no private view which he expresses as the “known” head of the Chamber,” said Prime Minsiter, Dr. Keith Rowley.

In a Facebook post made this afternoon, the Prime Minsiter, said the CEO of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Gabriel Faria, “knows exactly what he is doing and it is him trying to influence voters with his dismissive shallowness whilst being very disrespectful to the country’s leadership.”

Dr. Rowley went on by saying “if he is so disdainful of all the people who offer themselves for office through all political parties and who the population selects freely and fairly, to run their affairs, then why doesn’t he give a few years of his brilliance and perfection in service of the public interest.”

“He like many others, will never do that either because he is only about himself and what he can suck from the country or rather he knows that if he does what others do and offers himself for selection he will be dismissed with a swift kick in the pants by a population who sees him for what he is, a disrespectful mouth with precious little value rattling around in the Chamber with his acid tongue,” says Dr. Rowley.


On Friday June 12th, T&T Chamber’s CEO Gabriel Faria said he is hopeful that the government will move quickly to implement measures to support businesses impacted by COVID-19 in its midyear budget review presentation.

Mr. Faria said that there are a number of concerns that the T&T Chamber is anticipating will be placed at the front burner as the pandemic has left an indelible mark on the economic landscape and business owners find it difficult to endure this.