PM Dr. Keith Rowley “Voters will choose who can best manage their future”

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley says that the biggest factor influencing who voters choose in tomorrow’s General Election is ‘who can best manage their futures and the future of the country. He was speaking in a wide ranging interview on Power 102’s Power Breakfast Show Friday Morning:

He stressed while we head to go to the polls, we must understand that covid-19 still poses a significant threat and citizens must be responsible. He also said all attempts are being made to ring fence the virus and contain spread as much as possible. He noted that polling day activities may be impacted by longer lines because of safety protocols including social distancing, but persons should go out and exercise their voting franchise.

The Prime Minister said decisions regarding managing the virus are not taken in a vacuum. Dr. Rowley stressed the the government uses data and advice from the public health professionals to manage the risks posed given the data presented.

He also said contrary to some suggestions, the government has stepped up surveillance of our borders and this is evidenced by the increased numbers of illegal migrants that are being apprehended and repatriated.

He said questions about the social intervention measures including grants can be taken in a lopsided manner if one only listens to complaints from those who have not received, but there are thousands who have received grants both in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Prime Minister also spoke on the effect Covid-19 has had and is continuing to have on the economy. He said the T&T economy is taking the brunt of the blow.