PM claps back at Kamla’s “pathetic” human trafficking report claims

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PM claps back at Kamla’s “pathetic” human trafficking report claims

That’s the way Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley described the Opposition leader’s response to his claim that members of her party were the reason why TT was placed on the US government’s Trafficking in Persons Report.

In the House of Representatives on Friday, Rowley insisted that the report did not involve anyone on the “government’s side.”

However, Persad-Bissessar in response called on the Prime Minister to identify which member of the Opposition is a member of his Government, since the report states “senior government officials”.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Dr Rowley called the Opposition leader’s response “pathetic”.

The following is his full statement:
I notice Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar has steered clear of the very serious personal experience of a former Minister of her Cabinet who spoke out about what he knows and what he knows that she knew.
She did do something about persons involved. She elevated them to become (not councilor, where they were aspiring) but to the Parliament.

In case she doesn’t know it is quite normal for reports to view all Parliamentarians as “senior government officials” since unlike the UNC they view all members of Parliament as part of the government, unlike councilors etc.

On a second note, since the Opposition Leader shamelessly invokes and accuses her Parliamentary colleagues of covering up the crime of paedophilia can she point to any person, situation or shred of evidence to support her disgraceful slander.

Then again, nobody should be surprised by her behaviour here. This is her horrible character at work. This is the same grab bag from which she produced Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, eight years ago, to defile our Parliament with baseless rape charges against member and non member.

Today, she, the author of that outrage, is talking about “hiding behind Parliamentary privilege” ?
Maybe she thinks we have not seen the confession of Vasant Bharath. It would have been better if she had remained in her hibernation hoping to be forgotten because she cannot be redeemed.