PM calls on citizens to look inward as nation celebrates 61st anniversary

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PM calls on citizens to look inward as nation celebrates 61st anniversary

Prime Minister Dr Keith has urged citizens to “look inward” on the nation’s 61st anniversary of independence.

In his independence day message, Dr Rowley outlined several questions citizens should ask themselves, such as; What ethical principles do we embrace daily? How do we determine right from wrong? Where does integrity reside, in our personal life? As a citizen do I show respect for others and the law and its regulations? Do I respect the rights of my neighbours and others?

The Prime Minister added, “This country is at a crossroads in an increasingly more difficult world, where every citizen should now look, inwardly, asking him or herself some deeper questions about our very existence in Trinidad and Tobago.”

“Every citizen recognises that we must make demands of the Government as we expect responsibility and accountability, from the country’s leaders – but at the same time, we also accept, as citizens, some responsibility for our personal choices as we are collectively and equally answerable for our individual contributions to the society and the nation-state.”

Prime Minister Rowley also referenced the latest Local Government Elections which once again saw a 7-7 tie between the PNM and UNC.

“Within recent times, our nation has experienced some ups and downs, particularly, the menace of increasing levels of crime, drugs, and violence, alongside the personal,”

Dr Rowley said the result “may be offering us some interesting insights into the mindset of some citizens and, probably, the mood of our Republic.”

According to the PM, it is time to move on to the promised legislated reforms, which propose to devolve significant aspects of Central Government authority to municipal bodies, creating, in effect, greater citizens’ participation in our cherished democratic process.