PM accuses UNC of misinforming the public and disturbing national psyche with lies

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PM accuses UNC of misinforming the public and disturbing national psyche with lies

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has slammed the United National Congress (UNC) for what he called their ever-increasing use of naked untruths.

In a post to his facebook page, Rowley said UNC’s Leaders, spokespersons and social media agents have a deliberate political strategy to disturb the national psyche, misinform the public or simply to create an issue, which they can then engage on their political vines and platforms.

He pointed to recent incidents, in which Wade Mark called a press conference to say, without a shred of evidence or an incident of any kind, that vaccines had been stolen from the Couva Hospital.

The PM then made mention of the Opposition Leader’ stating on a virtual platform that “Minister’s 1% wedding in St Clair in violation of Covid restrictions”.

Rowley said “As Prime Minister I know of no Minister who hosted a wedding as described.
In the same speech she rails against similar “disregard in Tobago where Ministers were playing in golf tournaments”. As far as I’m aware I am the only member of Cabinet who plays golf and I have not played in a golf tournament in Tobago since early 2019.”

On a matter of record on Hansard, Rowley said the UNC showed another similar flagrant disregard for the truth and alternatively the use of lies to shape a conversation, on the issue of fifteen seats in the Tobago House of Assembly, that there has been no consultation with the EBC.

However, Rowley said “This is a matter of major policy so it has to be taken seriously. The truth is that the UNC is part of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on this Tobago matter and must know that not only was the EBC consulted but they responded giving their views, all of this in writing to the Joint Select Committee ( JSC).”

The PM said “This is the era of the “Big Lie” as a political tool which is now a major destructive feature of North American politics alongside the constant conspiracy theories which here in Trinidad and Tobago emerge as “concerns” when lies are hatched by the UNC.

He said “Clearly we have spawned our version of QANON but unfortunately for the country its main advocate and proponent is the UNC our official Opposition in the Parliament.