Pleasantville taxi driver killed during robbery

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Pleasantville taxi driver killed during robbery

A 60-year-old PH taxi driver was killed on Monday night during a fight with bandits who pretended to be passengers.

Anthony Andrews of Pleasantville, was plying his Suzuki vehicle for hire around 7:20pm, when he stopped at Ibis Lane and picked up two men.

A passenger who was already in the car, told police that one of the men sat in the front passenger seat and the other in the rear seat behind Andrews.

The man in the rear seat pulled out a firearm and announced a robbery.
He then robbed the passenger of a cell phone valued at $7,000, $3,000 (TT), and $1,000 (US).

Andrews was forced to stop and he and the passenger were ordered out of his vehicle.

However, Andrews struggled with the thieves and one of the bandits opened fire, hitting Andrews.
He died on the spot.

The thieves then re-entered the vehicle and sped off.

Police are now searching for the bandits and the vehicle.