Plans underway to change the way police officers are promoted

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Plans underway to change the way police officers are promoted

There are plans to bring changes to the way police officers are promoted. 

That’s according to the Head of the Police Social and Welfare Association ASP Gideon Dickson.

He said that since 2006, every promotion for second division officers had been challenged by those aggrieved since the Police Service Act of 2006 changed how officers were promoted from seniority to meritocracy. 

Dickson said meritocracy was the standard globally, with the current leadership of the police service being among the first to benefit from this. 

However, he said he is “aware that efforts are being made to review what is captured by way of the regulations and to make it more appealing and more sound structurally, so persons won’t have the amount of issues that they run to the court with.’

Dickson, who is a member of the review committee on promotion for second division officers, said in a GML interview that a survey was expected to be disseminated among the membership for their views on how the promotion concerns could be addressed. 

He said with there being more applicants than vacancies, there would always be a problem when someone is promoted. 

His statement comes on the heels of High Court Judge Margaret Mohammed granting eave to 115 constables on Monday, to challenge Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher’s decision to promote officers ahead of them earlier this year.