Pilots deny reports of strike/sickout action

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Pilots deny reports of strike/sickout action

Contrary to reports, pilots for Caribbean Airlines have not embarked on any strike.

According to the Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA), it is “unaware of any strike action being taken by the pilot body.”

The announcement follows a series of cancellations by Caribbean Airlines (CAL) on Sunday.

CAL blamed the issue on “resource constraints,” while unconfirmed reports blamed it on a possible sick out action by pilots.

However, TTALPA, in a release, denied reports in an article which attributed the cancelation to pilots’ actions.

It said: “TTALPA and its members therefore refute the allegations of the news article and ensure the public that its members continue to fly with their safety and best interests at heart.”

TTALPA says its association is prohibited by law from taking industrial action as their members are deemed “essential workers”

CAL, in a statement last evening, said: “There has been a remarkably high volume of calls from pilots reporting that they are unwell and unable to report for duty. These calls came in at approximately three hours prior to flight departure times. It is to be noted that the airline is currently in negotiations with the Trinidad and Tobago Airline Pilots Association over a collective agreement for the period 2015-2016.”

It added, “As a result of the sick calls, Caribbean Airlines has had to cancel several flights.”