Pfizer Wanted to Charge Higher Price for COVID-19 Vaccine

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Pfizer Wanted to Charge Higher Price for COVID-19 Vaccine

The negotiations between the European Union and the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer / Biontech for the supply of vaccine dragged on last year.

Now an internal document by Suddeutsche Zeitung stated that Pfizer/Biontech offered the EU the vaccine for the equivalent of 54 euros – per dose.

According to information from the “SZ”, Pfizer / Biontech demanded a price 20 times higher than, for example, its competitor Astrazeneca. Accordingly, the chairman of the German Medicines Commission of the German Medical Association, Wolf Dieter Ludwig, says: “I think the price is dubious. I see it as a pursuit of profit that is in no way justified in the current situation of the pandemic.”

Pfizer / Biontech defended the price in its June offer. It is based not only on the costs that have been spent on research and development, but also on the medical benefits promised by the vaccination. In a pandemic that the according to Pfizer / Biontech, this benefit is very great, which alone costs 3.8 billion per day.

Pfizer / Biontech said in the offer that the offer to the EU was a generous one and contained “the highest percentage discount” that has ever been offered to an industrialized country. If one were to transfer the billions and billions of damage caused by the pandemic into a “traditional cost-effectiveness model”, one would arrive at a price for a dose of vaccine that would be “inappropriate during a global pandemic”, the contract offer from June hot.

The CEO of Pfizer / Biontech Ugur Sahin said in mid-2020: No pharmaceutical company will earn “a golden nose” with the vaccine. The exact content of the contract that the EU finally signed with Pfizer / Biontech in November is secret. According to insiders, the price per dose is now 15.70 euros.