Petition launched to stop Michael B. Jordan’s use of J’Ouvert

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Petition launched to stop Michael B. Jordan’s use of J’Ouvert

An online petition on is currently racking up those signatures, as Trinis near and far attempt to put a halt to a new business venture by Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan.

Jordan celebrated the launch of his newest venture, a rum titled, J’Ouvert over the weekend and immediately received expressions of outrage from nationals.

The petition, created by Jay Blessed – a Caribbean podcaster and blogger, is calling on all Caribbean citizens to join in, and states that it was recently discovered that in the official USPTO filing by Attorney Ryan Louis Shaffer for the use of the word J’Ouvert, under international classification 33: Alcoholic beverages, except beers (U.S. codes 047, 049), the official document states that, “The wording “J’OUVERT” has no meaning in a foreign language.” (SEE HERE)

The Petition is asking that:
1. This filing be dismissed because of the above fraudulent and inaccurate statement.

2. That Investigator Maria Rivera Sanchez and the USPTO pause their final decision on the trademark of the word J’Ouvert by foreign entities for the use of the sale of rum.

3. That Angostura and other Carnival stakeholders be transparent in their business involvement.

In addition, they are asking Michael B Jordan to do the right thing by calling this a loss!

Jay Blessed hopes that through this simple petition, “We will ensure that those responsible for this utterly disrespectful and self-serving act learn to honour Caribbean people and their history.”

Up to the time of posting this story, 2,002 individuals had signed the petition.