Peter Geroge: “Mandatory Vaccination can not solve vacine hesitancy!”

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Peter Geroge: “Mandatory Vaccination can not solve vacine hesitancy!”

Executive Chairman Linda’s Bakery and President of the Trotters Group of Restaurants Peter George says that mandatory vaccinations will not solve the issue of vaccine hesitancy in the country nor will it help businesses going forward in 2022.

He says that while he understands the importance of getting vaccinated in overcoming the Covid 19 crisis, it is also important to pay attention to how the issue is dealt with.

While the Government has maintained that it is not mandating vaccines, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley did announce that Public-sector employees have to be vaccinated to work in-person at government offices, and if they don’t they will not be paid their salaries.

The Prime Minister said initially there was co-operation with vaccinations, but now there was an urgent need to improve the numbers.

Speaking with Power 102 Digital’s Newsroom on Thursday George said that he believes there are more productive ways of encouraging employees to vaccinate.

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