Pepper sprays should be used in T&T


Pepper sprays should be used in T&T

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said that the public and government officials should welcome the use of pepper sprays as it gives victims a fighting chance.

Speaking on Power 102’s Power Breakfast Show yesterday, Griffith said, “Nicole Dyer-Griffith has been speaking about this for years, about allowing women the right the use the spray. But we fear change in T&T. It has been used worldwide, thousands of women have been saved by using pepper spray.” He said Government officials and other naysayers have been commenting on the harmful effects of the spray. The Police Commissioner admitted that there needs to be amendments to the noxious substance act but said the spray will give victims a fighting chance against an attacker. He said it is all about citizens feeling safe and having something with which to defend themselves.

He said 15,000 persons have applied for firearms to protect themselves, as is their right, and he is currently working on their request.