PEP leader calls on nation to stand up against PM’s vaccine mandate for public servants

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PEP leader calls on nation to stand up against PM’s vaccine mandate for public servants

Political leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) Phillip Edward Alexander issued a statement on Saturday saying that the Prime Minister and his Government have greatly mismanaged the entire Covid-19 pandemic and now citizens had to pay for their incompetence.

He is now calling for mass protest action following Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s announcement that a Covid-19 vaccination was now required for employees in government and state agencies.

Alexander said, “As of today we are not accepting gimmicks, excuses and blame. This is a national call to order. The people of Trinidad deserve better as much as the people of Tobago do. All of the Prime Minister’s dictates will accomplish nothing but lead to more deaths.”

“We through our activist outreach the Citizens Union will be standing in solidarity with the Public Service and calling on them all to down tools in response to your mimic stunt announcement. We will be providing resources and coordinating food and other relief supplies if it comes to that. Those in essential services will be advised by our legal counsel as to what action can be taken short of mass resignations.”

“We call on the entire nation to prepare to stand together as one people under one flag, to boycott, sacrifice and stand down,” Alexander said.

He said the entire government was incompetent and the nation was being punished for it.

“We are not accepting any of that any longer. We have been tolerant, but even Biblical Job would have run out of patience by now. The country can no longer tolerate bouff and bacchanal as the twin rails of government communication. We deserve and demand better,” Alexander said.