Pelosi Says Independent Commission Will Examine Capitol Riot


Pelosi Says Independent Commission Will Examine Capitol Riot

“To protect our security, our security, our security, our next step will be to create an external and independent commission of the 9/11 type to” investigate and report on the facts and the causes related to the national terrorist attack of the January 6th 2021 against the United States Capitol complex, ”Pelosi wrote.

The deadly attack prompted House Democrats to act quickly to impeach former President Donald Trump in January. The former president’s impeachment trial in the Senate wrapped up over the weekend and ended with Trump’s acquittal on a single charge of inciting insurgency. 

Efforts to beef up security on Capitol Hill and shed light on what led to its violation by a violent, pro-Trump mob on January 6 are still ongoing.

In mid-January, Pelosi announced that retired Lieutenant General Russel Honoré would conduct a review of Capitol Hill’s “security infrastructure” following the attack.

“For the past few weeks, General Honoré has been assessing our security needs by looking at what happened on January 6 and how we need to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Pelosi wrote in his letter on Monday.

“He has worked with jurisdictional committees and will continue to make proposals. It is clear from his findings and from the impeachment trial that we need to find out the truth about how this happened, ”she said.

Earlier this month, Pelosi told reporters leaving a press conference that a 9/11 commission to investigate the insurgency would look “different” from the one formed in the aftermath of the bombing. terrorist of September 11th, 2001 – and would have a greater emphasis on diversity.

“Different from September 11. What was it, nine people? All white, a woman. It will look different, ”she said at the time.

Although Pelosi congratulated the 9/11 commission, she said that now “it’s a different world”.

Asked then who she had in mind to sit on the commission, Pelosi confirmed that the members would not be part of it, saying: “It is an external commission”.