PDP claims PM’s call for a meeting a publicity stunt

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PDP claims PM’s call for a meeting a publicity stunt

The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) describes Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley’s decision to meet with the 12 elected Assemblymen on March 3rd as a publicity stunt.

On Sunday, the Office of the Prime Minister announced that the PM will meet with the 12 recently-elected Assemblymen and he will meet with Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis and all available former Chief Secretaries and THA Chairmen.

These meetings follow the passing of the THA (Amendment) Bill 2021 in the Lower House on Friday.
The bill is meant to break the present deadlock in the THA by adding three more seats and allowing for new elections.

However, PDP’s deputy leader, Farley Augustine, in an interview with GML, said “Dr Rowley is putting the cart before the horse. What he should have done first, he now doing. He should have held this meeting before the THA’s Amendment Bill was passed in Parliament last Friday.”

The PDP, in the meantime, recently served a pre-action protocol letter to the THA’s Clerk Myrna McLeod. The letter gives her until Wednesday, February 24, to reconvene the house and make another attempt to elect a presiding officer.