PCA investigating fatal shooting of Diego Martin man

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PCA investigating fatal shooting of Diego Martin man

The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) will conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of Diego Martin resident Lennon Noray Jr

Twenty-one-year old Noray Jr of Covigne, Diego Martin, was allegedly shot whilst running away from officers on July 3, 2024.
He died at hospital.

Police reported that they were conducting an anti-crime exercise around 6.38 pm on July 3, at Bagatelle Road, Diego Martin.

It was reported that when officers arrived at the location, they saw a group of men who reportedly took off running as the lawmen identified themselves.

It was claimed that Noray was among those who scattered and as officers gave chase, he reportedly pulled a firearm from his waist and pointed it at them.

Officers opened fire.

Noray’s father, Lennon Noray Sr, said his son was a tradesman and was not involved in any criminal activities.

He said his son didn’t deserve such a violent death.

Noray Sr said he did not intend to approach the PCA and would be, “leaving this up to God.”