PC charged, firearm and ammo left in wrong vehicle

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PC charged, firearm and ammo left in wrong vehicle

PC MAURICE RODRIQUEZ, of Tunapuna, was arrested and charged today, Monday 12th October, 2020, by officers of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB), based on advice given by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Roger Gaspard SC.

The officer, who is currently on sick leave, was charged with two offences – the transfer of a firearm and the transfer of ammunition under Section 9 (1) a of the Firearm Act16:01.

Today’s arrest arose out of offences which allegedly occurred on Saturday 9th September 2017, at Alfredo Street, Woodbrook, where it is alleged that the suspect left his licensed Glock pistol in a vehicle that did not belong to him and went away.

He later returned and discovered the vehicle with the firearm and ammunition missing. He later received information that it was taken to the Woodbrook Police Station.

The officer visited the said police station and reported that the firearm and ammunition found in the vehicle belonged to him.

PC RODRIQUEZ was taken to the Besson Street Police Station and is due to appear before a virtual court on Tuesday 13th October, 2020.