Payment of tickets and fines extended to April 20

Payment of tickets and fines extended to April 20

The Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago is providing an extension for persons to pay tickets and fines.

According to a statement issued by the Judiciary, “For non-urgent matters, which may still be important to you, we have taken other measures such as extending your time for payment of tickets and fines. These do not have to be paid until at the earliest, April 20.”

However, the court is advising persons who may have maintenance to pay, to pay it.

“It’s important! If you contact us we can help you do this without leaving home.”

The Courts will be sitting virtually to hear urgent matters and other matters the court deems fit online.

For additional services, persons are encouraged to refer to a directory of email addresses. They can then send an email with sufficient details about the query or issue to the relevant address.

Persons can also call the Court using the numbers provided in order to get information on how to engage the services for urgent matters.

“In both instances, we have provided electronic channels to have your issues addressed. If you need a service that is not deemed urgent at this time, you are encouraged to call the relevant court (again using the directory below) and a representative will advise you.”

See below a list of email addresses and numbers: