Patriotic Front to contest all 41 seats in the General Elections

Patriotic Front to contest all 41 seats in the General Elections

Mickela Panday revealed today that her political party, the Patriotic Front will contest all 41 seats for the 2020 General Elections.

During a media briefing this evening Ms. Panday also revealed that her father, Basdeo Panday has been named the party’s Campaign Manager.

Ms. Panday said she has been in talks with other political parties on the best way forward, and will continue to do so once those discussions are in the best interest of the country.

She said “whilst we are aware of the challenges a new party will face when contesting a general election, we believe now more than ever it is important to give a voice to those in society who have been longing for real change.”

She also indicated that a vote for the Patriotic Front will not be a wasted vote or that it will split another parties’ votes.

Ms. Panday said “we have done a statistical study of the voting pattern in this country using the EBC and CSO statistics, and the voting pattern has shown, that of the two major parties, put together, less that 50 percent of the entire electorate votes for them.”

She is promising to introduce a new kind of politics into Trinidad and Tobago.

“We do not slander, tell lies, shame, mudsling or malign any political party or their members. We have no need for that,” says Ms. Panday.

She said “in the past, so-called manifestos have been nothing but mere promises to the people, because there was no vision for the future. A leader must start with a vision of the kind society we would like to see, and then be able to devise a plan that would bring that vision to fruition.”