Patriotic Energies trying once more to acquire Petrotrin’s assets

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Patriotic Energies trying once more to acquire Petrotrin’s assets

Patriotic Energies and Technologies has not given up, and has submitted yet another proposal for the assets at Petrotrin.

This was revealed yesterday by Ancil Roget, head of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), owners of Patriotic Energies.

Roget was at the time speaking at the wreath laying ceremony at the gravesite of former trade union leader Tubal Uriah “Buzz” Butler as part of the Labour Day remembrance in Fyzabad.

He said there’s another proposal before government for the acquisition of Petrotrin’s assets for which they have yet to receive a response.

Back in February, government rejected Patriotic’s third proposal for the refinery.

Roget “All the mamaguy they mamaguy at elections saying that OWTU is going to acquire the assets of Pointe-a-Pierre and OWTU won the bid, admitting that we had the best proposal, but all of that was just a ruse, a ruse in attempting to, after sending the workers home and trying to break the union, a ruse to whittle down the union’s finances and to drive us out of the landscape of Trinidad and Tobago. Well that failed but today I want to tell Trinidad and Tobago that, to date, in spite of all that they have said and they have said on many occasions that they gave us another chance, that was just a ruse… They cannot be trusted. It was never genuine. All of the talk they would have talked around election time, it was just a ruse. But there’s a God.”

Meanwhile, Roget said “The curfew, SoE, the pandemic, will come to an end and it will come to an end because of the contribution of workers. Not Prime Minister, Opposition, Government, parliamentarians.”

He added, “It is the workers who are here, there and everywhere as we speak, continuing to keep the wheels of the economy going.” He said, “Were it not for workers, there is no TT.”