Pastor Threatens To Sue NFL Over ‘lewd’ Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Pastor Threatens To Sue NFL Over ‘lewd’ Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

Although for many the ultra Latin presentation of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in the halftime show of the 54th edition of the Super Bowl was considered one of the best in history, there were some people for whom this show was not to his liking, Such is the case of Pastor Dave Daubenmire, who even plans to sue the NFL for the halftime show.

And is that Dave considers the presentation of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as something really imprudent, even cataloged it as something ‘pornographic’. “I turned on the television to watch American football, not to watch a ‘pole dance’ show or two women clutching their crotch. It was something pornographic ”said Pastor Daubenmire in a video posted on his official Facebook account.

It was so much the displeasure of the pastor towards the show of JLo and Shakira, which even pointed out plans to sue the NFL because according to him, the show he witnessed “will prevent him from entering the kingdom of heaven” since “they entered the holiness of his home”.

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In an interview granted for Daily Caller, the pastor stated that his intention was never to tell people what to see and what not to see, however, he said to disagree with “transmitting soft pornography within a match”. He also revealed that he plans to file a lawsuit against the NFL as well as Pepsi since these are the ones in charge of the part-time show, for nothing more and nothing less than 867 trillion dollars.

So far, the NFL has not given any statement to the accusations of pastor Dave, however, social networks have been responsible for responding to Daubenmire with thousands of improper photographs, this, due to their ‘unnecessary’ complaints.