Pastor Glen Awong speaks out about the raid at Transformed Life Ministries

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Pastor Glen Awong speaks out about the raid at Transformed Life Ministries

Trinidad and Tobago awoke on the morning of Monday 07th October, when police raided the premises of Transformed Life Ministries and ‘rescued’ 69 people some in what appeared to be cages. The raid spearheaded by Police Commissioner Gary Griffith who spoke to the media and indicated that the raid was executed to ‘rescue’ persons who were reported to be victims of ‘human trafficking ‘ and ‘slavery’. The organization TLM is led by Pastor Glen Awong who spoke to IzzSo media in the aftermath of the raid, public condemnation and scrutiny of the organization. Pastor Awong described the events of the morning of the raid, and the treatment he described as unnecessary at the hands of the police since he said from the very beginning he complied with the instructions of the police.
He said contrary to media reports neither him, nor his wife or staff were arrested or charged inspite of utterance and allegations of human trafficking and slavery by the police commissioner.

Pastor Awong also told IzzSo media, that he believes the raid was part of a conspiracy to discredit his organization because he has taken the state to Court, to enforce an outstanding payment of $ 1.4 million due to his organisation in what he describes as fees for work done, in the care of clients with mental issues and also clients who were being rehabilitated from lives on the streets due to drug abuse and other issues.
He insisted that police Commissioner Gary Griffith was being used as part of a larger plot to target his organization which had been visited by police and Ministry of health officials this past June (2019) after complaints were made. These visits by officials did not find any evidence to substantiate the complaints.
He said since the police raid the organization has since been effectively shut down by officials of OSHA due to deficiencies which have been outlined and which Pastor Awong says are presently being addressed pending an inspection by OSHA official in two weeks. Pastor Awong was already working with the Ministry of health on several recommendations related the establishment.