“Passengers” rob PH driver in Princes Town

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“Passengers” rob PH driver in Princes Town

A 32-year-old PH taxi driver was robbed at gunpoint in Princes Town last night.  

Around 9:30pm on Tuesday, the driver told police that he picked up two male passengers in his white Nissan AD wagon near Corinth Road, Ste Madeleine and they asked to be taken to Princes Town. 

Within close proximity of their destination, along the Manahambre Road, one of the suspects pointed a gun at the driver and ordered him out of his vehicle.
The suspects then drove away in his $35,000 wagon. 

The driver alerted police and officers of the Princes Town Police, CID, ERP, Ste Madeline Police and Southern Division Task Force (SDTF) responded and recovered the wagon along the Cedar Hill Estate road.

The two suspects were also arrested, a 24-year-old man of Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, and a 26-year-old man of San Fabien Road, Gasparillo.