Passenger capacity of taxis/maxi-taxis increased to 75%

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Passenger capacity of taxis/maxi-taxis increased to 75%

Good news for maxi and taxi operators.

Hours after taxi drivers across the country parked up their vehicles on Tuesday, in protest over the Government’s imposed 50 per cent seating capacity on Tuesday, the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs (AGLA) made a revision to the Public Health Regulations.

In an update issued last evening, the AGLA announced an increase in the capacity of taxis and maxi taxis from 50 per cent to 75 per cent. (see Schedule 3)


The amended legal notice reflects the following changes.

During the period specified in regulation 14, a person who provides public transport in a motor vehicle shall not carry, where the motor vehicle is–
(a) a motor car, more than seventy-five per cent; or
(b) every other type of motor vehicle, more than 75%, of the number of passengers for which the motor vehicle is licensed to carry.

(2) The seating requirements for maxi-taxis shall be in accordance with Schedule 3.

Regulation 14 – the Public Health Regulations are extended to July 18, 2021.