Paria’s Recovery Operations Continue For Fourth Diver

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Paria’s Recovery Operations Continue For Fourth Diver

Paria Fuel Trading Limited has advised that operations continued throughout the night on Tuesday to recover the fourth diver Rishi Nagassar who was part of an LMCS Limited crew conducting underwater maintenance at #36 Sealine riser on Berth #6 at Paria’s facility in Pointe-a-Pierre, last Friday.

In its latest update, Paria said given the complexity of this operation and the many variables to be considered, including environmental challenges, it has dedicated significant resources to ensuring that Mr. Nagassar’s body is responsibly and respectfully recovered.

The Company said, throughout the night, consultation meetings were held with other technical experts to review alternative methods, while ensuring that the body is recovered. Paria said it attempted, on several occasions, using remotely operated cameras to try and locate the body, but have not been successful.

Paria noted that as it commences the next phase in the recovery process, it is mindful of the careful and respectful retrieval of the body in a manner that minimizes any impact to the environment.

It added that the Company has committed to providing family members with counselling support during this time.