Paria recovers the bodies of three of the four missing divers

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Paria recovers the bodies of three of the four missing divers

Paria Trading Fuel Company Limited has announced the recovery of the bodies of three of the four divers who went missing on Friday 25th February 2022.

The bodies of these three missing divers were recovered on Monday around 5.55pm.

Via a release the Company stated that the families of the deceased were first to be notified simultaneously at 6.00pm by Paria.
Attempts to retrieve the fourth body are still ongoing.

The release notes that Paria Trading Company Limited (Paria) joins the families in mourning their loss and is continuing to provide support and counselling as they deal with this profound loss.

The four men were part of a LMCS Limited crew conducting an underwater maintenance exercise at #36 Sealine riser on Berth #6 at Paria, Pointe-a-Pierre when the incident occurred.

It said No effort was spared in the attempts to treat the bodies with the utmost respect during the recovery operation.

It assured that a full investigation into the incident will be undertaken to understand the root cause of the incident.

Paria joins LMCS Limited and the families in their time of grief.