Paria board needs to resign says Saddam Hosein

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Paria board needs to resign says Saddam Hosein

The entire board of executives at the Paria Fuel Trading Company must resign with immediate effect or be fired over its negligence in the diving tragedy at its facility in 2022.

That’s the call being made by the United National Congress (UNC).

The Opposition’s Saddam Hosein, said during a press conference on Sunday that the executives were the perpetrators and as a result, they should all be brought to justice for their unwillingness to do all they could to save the lives of the men.

Paria’s board of directors include Fayad Ali, Avie Chadee, Peter Clarke, Eustace Nancis, Reza Salim and chairman Newman George.

Hosein noted that even if the company is charged with the offence of corporate manslaughter, it does not mean anyone will go to jail.

He said the various sentences associated with corporate manslaughter are limited to a fine. This fine, he said, will ultimately be paid by the state.

Hosein said, “Four citizens of this country have died. The board of Paria must be fired and or resign forthwith. They must not receive another cent of taxpayers’ dollars after presiding over the catastrophic deaths of these four divers.

“In fact, none of these directors must sit on any other state enterprise. They have infected Paria with conduct that is considered criminal… The negligence of Paria converted a state-owned facility into a crime scene.”

He also called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to demand the resignation of all board members if they do not resign immediately.