Paray welcomes Bond – first US Ambassador to visit Mayaro

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Paray welcomes Bond – first US Ambassador to visit Mayaro

Mayaro MP, Rushton Paray hosted US Ambassador Candace Bond at his office in Mayaro on Monday, in what the MP says marks the first time a US Ambassador has made an official visit to Mayaro/Rio Claro.

In his address, Paray said the relationship between the Office of the Member of Parliament for Mayaro and the United States Embassy has been a beacon of collaboration and shared endeavors over the past eight years.

He said as the Parliamentary representative of the Mayaro Constituency, his vision since assuming office in 2015 has been clear – to develop the region’s landscape and enhance human capital by fostering partnerships with key stakeholders.

Paray stated: “The United States Embassy has been an invaluable ally in this journey, consistently offering support and assistance in various capacities.
Together, we have undertaken initiatives that have not only benefited the residents of Mayaro but have also set a precedent for effective international collaboration.
One such milestone in our partnership was the groundbreaking 3-day seminar on Countering Violent Extremism.”

“This initiative, the first of its kind in the region, brought together a diverse group of participants, including school principals, teachers, PTA representatives, police officers, and Non-Governmental Organizations.
“The program aimed to create a platform for local authorities to address issues related to violence and bullying in schools and communities.”

He added: “The success of this initiative underscored the impact that collaborative efforts can have on addressing complex societal challenges.”

Furthermore, Paray said the collaboration with the Can Bou Play Foundation (CBPF) under the Trinidad and Tobago Sport Diplomacy Project – Soccer AssisTT, exemplifies their joint commitment to the holistic development of our youth.

“This program, with its sport-oriented approach, has served as a powerful tool to engage young individuals in meaningful activities, steering them away from delinquent behaviors.
Our partnership has also seen the successful implementation of programs with the Delaware National Guard and T&T State Partnership.”

He also noted the Subject Matter Expert Exchanges on Search and Rescue Operations, Disaster Training for First Responders, and Military Information Support Team (Disaster Response and Management Resiliency) which have imparted invaluable knowledge to our local first responders.

“The tactical advice and training provided by the Delaware National Guard have enhanced the capabilities of our police service, coast guard, fire service, and disaster management personnel, equipping them with first-world expertise to handle diverse challenges within our constituency.
During the challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the United States Embassy demonstrated unwavering support by generously donating much-needed supplies of KN95 masks and sanitizers.”

“These supplies were promptly handed over to the Eastern Regional Health Authority, ensuring the safety of frontline personnel at health facilities.
This act of solidarity further exemplifies the depth of our partnership, extending beyond routine collaborations to address urgent and pressing needs within our community.”

He said as they welcome the Ambassador to the Mayaro Constituency, they do so with a profound sense of gratitude for the unwavering commitment and support that the United States Embassy has consistently provided.

Paray told Ambassador Bond that her tenure as the United States Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago marks a pivotal period in our diplomatic relations.