Paray wants measures introduced to improve conditions of Mayaro youth

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Paray wants measures introduced to improve conditions of Mayaro youth

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray is calling on the authorities to introduce measures to improve living conditions, especially of the youths in his constituency.

In a media release on Monday, he said the usually peaceful communities of Mayaro are now becoming criminal hotspots, with two murders at Mafeking within a few weeks.

He said the murders of Antonio Auguste and Tyrone Hutson are the most shocking and gruesome recent crimes in the Mayaro district, and they compound a series of violent acts, including robberies and home invasions.

Paray said the crimes are taking place despite the best efforts of Mayaro police officers, and they highlight the spread of violence throughout the country as the result of poor national leadership.

He said the Government’s apathy toward crime and its weak economic policies are continuing to permit the exponential rise of the scourge of crime.

“I once more strongly urge the authorities to create meaningful employment and career opportunities for youths, especially from rural districts as Mayaro, where the paths of progress are limited.”

“The government must mandate relevant agencies to undertake training and motivational sessions and to assist in the start-up of micro and downstream businesses pertinent to their respective communities,” said Paray.

The MP added that there is an urgent need for appropriate interventions by various government bodies in order to lift the youths of long-neglected districts, both economically and socially.

He said Government’s continued indifference to the pressing problem of crime would only see more and more victims as historically safe communities become besieged by bloody violence.