Paray pleased date finally set for UNC’s Natex

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Paray pleased date finally set for UNC’s Natex

Mayaro MP Rushton Paray, says he is pleased that the date for UNC’s National Executive elections has finally been announced.

In a statement Saturday, Paray said these elections will play a critical role in the organization, governance and management of the party.

He said: “If the UNC is to break the cycle of repeated General Election failures which have kept us in opposition for the past 9 years, then we must reform the way our party operates and manages its affairs. I look forward to participating in these elections and I will discuss the extent of my participation soon.”

“I call on all UNC members to take part in these elections and let their voices be heard. The UNC belongs to all its members, and they have an essential role to play in restoring the vitality and electability of our party. I ask all UNC members who are interested in participating in the good governance of our party to notify me in writing. Members can drop off their letters at Lot #16 McBean Road, Couva from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM on any day from tomorrow.”

Paray added: “Now more than ever Trinidad and Tobago needs the UNC in Government. We cannot allow this PNM regime to continue to destroy our nation for another 5 years. Building a stronger UNC means making a Stronger T&T.”