UPDATE: Panday’s PF party will NOT be contesting the August 10 election

UPDATE: Panday’s PF party will NOT be contesting the August 10 election

Mickela Panday’s party, the Patriotic Front (PF) will not be contesting the August 10 general election.

In a lengthy video statement this morning, Panday said her party was born to bring about a change and appeal to the more than 50 % of the electorate that do not vote.

She said “It continues to be their intention to introduce a different type of politics in Trinidad and Tobago, one in which we do not slander, tell lies, shame, mudsling or malign… We will not do as others have done in the past.”

Panday said their plan was to give all of their candidates a fair chance in the 2020 election, but this cannot be achieved in three weeks.

She said they faced an uphill battle of getting financing and were approached by other parties, but they believed that they should stay true to the principles and foundations upon which the party was built.

Panday said it is for this reason that they have made the difficult decision not to contest the 2020 election but to use the time now to build the party.

In an on-air programme on Monday afternoon, Panday was indecisive, stating that this was “three weeks that one has to fight a general election in 41 constituencies.”

Initially, she had announced the PF’s intention to contest all 41 seats. But, Panday said they “had to look as a whole and say was the PF simply born to say yes, we were going to fight the 2020 general election? Well, no.”

She said whatever decision is made the PF is in it for the long haul.