Padarath: Gonzales to blame for water woes!

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Padarath: Gonzales to blame for water woes!

Water levels at the nation’s four reservoirs are below 45 percent.

WASA says as a result of the harsh dry season and the impact on reservoir and river levels, the Authority has had to cut back production at all of its major surface water treatment plants.

This is in keeping with its Water Supply Management Plan.

At present, these cutbacks are accounting for an approximately 45 million gallons per day deficit in the Authority’s overall water production.

The Opposition UNC is placing the lack of proper water supply in many parts of the country squarely on the shoulders of the Public Utilities Minister.

During a press briefing this morning Princess Town MP Barry Padarath said that while the UNC is not ignorant of the present situation of the receding waters at the dams and reservoirs the real issue centers on the management of the water supply.

He said that the Opposition has been communicating to the Government that there are short term measures to deal with the effects of the water shortage.

He said that rural communities have also been suffering greatly because water trucks find it difficult to get water to them due to deplorable road conditions.