Padarath calls Independent Senator Anthony Vieira a hypocrite

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Padarath calls Independent Senator Anthony Vieira a hypocrite

Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath has thrown his full support behind Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar’s comments at the UNC Monday Night Forum, with respect to Independent Senators.

Padarath indicated that the current crop of Senators on the Independent bench demonstrated that they are an extension of the PNM Government when the Electoral College met a few weeks ago and the “independents” voted in a self-serving interest to keep their “wok”.

The Princes Town MP slammed those on the Independent bench who publicly criticized Opposition MPs for voicing the concerns of hundreds of thousands of people who voted for the UNC. He asked where were the voices of the so called Independent Senators when the Head of the Government made repeated and continues to make offensive, insulting, denigrating and crass comments about the Opposition and others who do not share his view.

Padarath made stinging criticism of “Independent Senator’ Anthony Vieira’s motion to censure Opposition Members tabled in the Senate. He added that Independent Senators were not sacred cows and no one voted for them. He advised Senators on the Independent bench to put their names before the electorate if they want to fight party politics and stop pretending to be impartial and fair.

The Princes Town MP reminded the so called Independent bench and in particular Anthony Vieira of disgusting remarks such as “sucking at the nipples of the Prime Minister”, “I would ignore she cat”, “the Opposition Leader’s jammetry” as well as “a woman is like a golf course in need of grooming”. The MP stated that when these comments were made at no time did any member of the so called Independent bench condemn these statements including Vieira.

Padarath stated that if the so called Independent Senators had an iota of shame they would resign, however, instead they continue to fulfill being the PNM B Team inside and outside the Parliament.

Padarath warned Vieira that those who hide behind the cloak of “independence” cannot play “mas and fraid powder”. Senator Vieira has descended into the political gayelle and he must be prepared to tell the country why his red petticoat is showing. He further asked where was Vieira’s voice on the conduct of government members who were allegedly involved in sexually harassing employees, misogynistic attacks on the Leader of the Opposition and the degradation of independent institutions.