Ozzy Warwick: “Gov’t violating Labour Laws!”

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Ozzy Warwick: “Gov’t violating Labour Laws!”

Today it’s vaccines, tomorrow it’s something else.

This is the claim from Joint Trade Union Movement General Secretary, Ozzi Warwick who told News Power Now that the Government is on the path to violating labour laws.

JTUM yesterday delivered a letter to the Attorney General urging him to withdraw the deadline date of 15 January, 2022 for the implementation of the Government’s plan to furlough government employees who are not vaccinated by mid –January.

The Trade Union Movement also called on the AG to instruct the various state enterprises to immediately begin discussions to arrive at solutions and agreements with the various RMUs to address this crisis.

Speaking with News Power Now this morning, Mr Warwick emphasized that JTUM’s issue is not with vaccinations but rather with the unilateral changes set to be imposed by the Government on the terms and conditions of employment for public servants.