Over 50 Venezuelans – mostly women and children deported

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Over 50 Venezuelans – mostly women and children deported

Approximately 50 Venezuelan nationals were deported yesterday despite pleas from relatives for the State to allow them to stay.

Migrants and caregivers were given official instructions to bring the children of detained women to the Venezuelan Embassy so that they could be deported to Venezuela with their mothers.

From as early as 7am they began gathering at the Embassy and were later taken to the Heliport in Chaguaramas.

The group of people, estimated to be over 50 persons, including children, were then deported.

Among them was a nine-month-old boy who was born in Trinidad and whose mother had been detained at the Heliport for several months.

Attorney Criston J Williams, who heads the Quantum Legal Foundation, said yesterday’s exercise is in contravention of the human rights convention and the rights of the child and can lead to legal repercussions, especially in the case of the baby born in Trinidad.

He said it could bring shame and dire consequences to Trinidad and Tobago.

Human rights activist Yesenia Gonzalez said she was frustrated and ashamed of the move to deport the children with their mothers.