Over 150 citizens flocked to Caura River on Monday

Over 150 citizens flocked to Caura River on Monday

Member of Parliament for Tunapuna Constituency, Esmond Forde said over 150 persons showed up at Caura River this morning, following the announcement by the Prime Minister, that beaches and rivers were open.

Speaking with Izzso Media this afternoon, Forde said the Chairman of the Tunapuna/Regional, Kwasi Robinson gathered a team of workers from the corporation to remove the barriers which prevented citizens from entering the Caura River, during the country’s ‘stay at home’ measure.

Mr. Forde said from as early as 9am citizens were already parked outside waiting to go in to begin liming and cooking at the river.


When asked if he was weary about citizens littering again, Mr. Forde said that several signs were re-enforced at both pool one and pool two at the river.

He also said Arouca Police officers, in anticipation of the crowd were on patrol.