Over 15 Covid-19 patients to be moved from Couva Hospital

Over 15 Covid-19 patients to be moved from Couva Hospital

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roshan Parasram said that persons have been identified to be removed from the Couva Hospital.

While he is unable to provide information on where the persons will be housed, he said that they are doing well and do not show any signs or symptoms or coronavirus.

“Later today, (Friday) we will actually be moving out our first cohort of those people to another facility, with the help of the Defence Force. So, at least 17 of those persons will be moved later this afternoon.”

Speaking during a press conference on Friday, Dr. Parasram confirmed that there are still 90 persons hospitalised as a result of the virus.

One patient in at the Scarborough General Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He confirmed that the person is on a ventilator.

There are nine patients at the Caura Hospital who exhibit mild symptoms but are doing well.

There are 80 patients at the Couva District Hospital- two are in ICU (one is on a ventilator) and 13 are in the High Dependency Unit (HDU).

The 65 remaining patients, he said, are “ambulatory and doing very well.”

Dr. Parasram said they will continue to move patients who become asymptomatic- those who show no signs of the virus.

But, he added that they will be retested until a negative result is produced, before they are discharged.