$12million per month to keep hotel staff employed

$12million per month to keep hotel staff employed

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley made the announcement at a press conference on Monday morning.

Dr. Rowley said close to 1000 workers were retained during the Covid-19 period as a way to protect the country’s livelihood.

He said the hotels were kept open based on the following costs:

Hyatt Hotel- $8 million

Hilton Hotel- $2.6 million

Magdalena Grand- 1.3 million

Dr. Rowley said the decision to host the Cricket Premier League (CPL) speaks to the livelihood of the economy, since the hotel will be used to house CPL personnel.

He reiterated that the Trinidad and Tobago Government will not pay to host the CPL players, adding that the reason hotels were kept open was to ensure that they would be ready for use.

He said the three hotels were, “kept the hotels away from quarantine arrangement so that when the day come to use them we would be able to have the livelihood in keep the country in order.”