Over 100 speeding tickets issued over holiday

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Over 100 speeding tickets issued over holiday

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch issued speeding tickets to 121 motorists during the Spiritual Shouter Baptist Liberation Day holiday. They are therefore warning motorists to obey the roadway speed limits, to avoid having to pay hefty fines and obtaining demerit points on their driver’s license.

Head of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Senior Superintendent Clint Arthur advised that he observed that speeding habits were coming back in full view of the police at times, and motorists needed to be reminded there are consequences to exceeding the speed limits.

He stated, “Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher has highlighted road safety as one of the organisation’s strategic priorities. Drivers need to recognise the unnecessary risk they place on their lives and the lives of others when they speed and drive recklessly on the nation’s roadways.”

Senior Superintendent Arthur highlighted the fact that the speed teams recorded the highest violations at night with the speed guns measuring speeds as high as 170km/h on the highways. He explained, “These speeds are unacceptable and will not be tolerated and they pose a serious risk to all road users. Drivers seem to forget their unsafe decisions can quickly and negatively affect road users.”

TTPS Road Safety Coordinator Sgt Brent Batson added, “Excessive speeding continues to be the leading cause of driver loss of control situations. When this is combined with distracted driving and alcohol it is a sure recipe for disaster.”

He reminded motorists that right of way is a ‘theory” under law, but drivers need to still reduce their speeds when approaching intersections, especially on the main roads at night. Sgt Batson added, “Drivers make mistakes and sadly often take chances. Motorists need to assume that another driver is not going to stop and reduce their speed as a preventive, defensive measure. Stop signs and stop lines don’t stop cars.”

According to data from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch Roadway Surveillance Unit, 20 persons have died in road traffic collisions for this year compared to twenty-six (26) for the same period in 2022, indicating a 23% percent year-on-year reduction.