ORTT goes to three professors

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ORTT goes to three professors

This country’s highest award, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (ORTT) has been bestowed upon three individuals from the field of education.

This year’s recipients of the ORTT are Prof Clement Imbert, Prof John Agard, and Prof Pathmanathan Umaharan.

They were among those recognised on Sunday, during the 2023 Republic Day National Awards.

One of the three recipients of the nation’s highest award, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Professor Pathmanathan Umaharan, who is originally from Sri Lanka says he was elated to receive this nation’s highest awards. He’s been in this country for 33 years and now calls Trinidad his adopted country.

Umaharan says cocoa is the future of earning foreign exchange beyond oil and gas.

“Because of the reputation for our cocoa, as well as the kind of soils and environments we have, I think we need to put our efforts together to build the industry, not only in production, producing cocoa, but also adding value to it, “ Professor Umaharan said. “So that we sell not only cocoa beans, but chocolates and beverages and various other value-added products into the very high-end niche market.

The Humming Bird Medal Bronze for Gallantry was posthumously awarded to 11-year-old Rachel Bhagwandeen, who died just over a year ago protecting her brother when a neighbour’s dog ran into their house and attacked them. Her brother survived.

Her father Kelvin Bhagwandeen called it a sad moment for them.

The return of the National Awards 2023 to President’s House, St Ann’s last evening brought several welcome changes including the inclusion of students in the formal proceedings, reading the awardees’ biographies instead of the president’s aide-de-camp.

See the listing of the awardees below:

The Chaconia Medal may be awarded for Long and Meritorious Service/ tending to promote national welfare/or strengthen community spirit in the Republic of T&T.


1. Dr Bruce Paddington

2. Dr Jacqueline Sharpe

3. Langston Roach

4. Sieunarine Persad Coosal


1. Ainsworth Mohammed

2. Dr Calvin lnalsingh

3. Carlos Hee Houng

4. Francine Edwards also known as Singing Francine-(Posthumously)

5. George Leacock

6. Dr Radica Mahase

7. Rishi Lakhan

8. Prof Surujpaul Teelucksingh MOM

The Humming Bird Medal may be awarded for Loyal and Devoted Service/in any field of human endeavour/or for gallantry/or other humane action/to the Republic of T&T.


1. Azamuddin Khan

2. Azim Bassarath

3. Carol Ann Birchwood James

4. Shihan Marva John-Logan

5. Reynold Howard

6. Richard Escalante

7. Rukminee Holass Beepath

8. Samuel Badree

9. Wayne Bertrand (Posthumously)


1. Ashton Ford

2. Carl Birjah

3. Dr Daniel Parks

4. Eric Mc Cree

5. Harvey Borris

6. Imam Imtiaz Ali (Posthumously)

7. Jim Phillip

8. Kenneth Ferguson

9. Pastor Wilma Kelly

Humming Bird Medal, BRONZE

1. Rachel Bhagwandeen (Posthumously)

The Public Service Medal of Merit may be awarded for Outstanding and Meritorious Service to the Republic of T&T.


1. Anthony Bartholomew

2. Beverly Khan

3. Enid A Zephyrine

4. Gwendolyn Loobie-Snaggs (Posthumously)

5. Leslie Reuben Hoyte


1. John Lopez

2. Yasmin Rahaman-Singh