Oropouche West MP trashes UNC defectors

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Oropouche West MP trashes UNC defectors

“Karma will deal with them.”
Those were the words of UNC Chairman and MP Davendranath Tancoo, following the recent defection of a few UNC members to the PNM.

Just as the UNC gets ready to select candidates for the upcoming Local Government elections, two members have crossed the floor from UNC to PNM – former UNC Arima Central councillor Sheldon Garcia and ex-UNC Youth Arm officer Kaveesh Siewdial.

Warrenville councillor Samuel Sankar, who also resigned from the UNC recently, has yet to reveal which direction he will go.

Tancoo said, “Anybody who endorses the PNM track record of corruption—the worst murder rate in history, home invasions and violent robberies, failure to protect women and children, worse roads, flooding, unreliable water supply, property tax, joblessness, higher food prices, abuse of the law that the Privy Council had to correct —does not have this country at heart.

“Our country is in economic and social crisis because of the deliberate actions of the PNM leadership. If they support that, then they are endorsing the sufferation of the country for the benefit of a few.”

Tancoo said, “Karma will deal with them. The UNC remains committed to rescuing this nation and fighting against oppression, corruption and the emerging dictatorship and we welcome all to join us in rescuing our nation,”