Oropouche West MP reports of another Heritage Petroleum oil spill

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Oropouche West MP reports of another Heritage Petroleum oil spill

MP for Oropouche West, Davendranath Tancoo today slammed Heritage Petroleum Company Limited with claims that aged infrastructure resulted in another oil spill along the banks of the South Oropouche River.

According to a media release issued by the MP, the oil spill occurred within 33 metres of the initial oil spill at the New Cut Channel in the Woodland area causing additional damage to the area in which residents are still reeling from environmental and ecological damage over the past three weeks.


MP Tancoo, Mr. Moodie, Doodnath Mayrhoo (Councillor for the area) and other representatives of the affected communities had sought a meeting with the management of Heritage Petroleum when the initial spill was discovered 3 weeks ago.

“It is time for the executive management of Heritage Petroleum to step out of their ivory towers in Port of Spain and come and witness first-hand the effect their neglect and incompetence has caused on citizens and on the environment!” said an angry Tancoo.

He said “that there is significant risk of a major environmental disaster, should these rotted pipelines not be addressed urgently. It is unacceptable that Heritage does not see these spills and the damage it is causing as important enough to find the time to meet affected citizens.”

MP Davendranath Tancoo, on behalf of the stakeholders in Oropouche West, “rejects Heritage Petroleum’s excuses and demand that they meet as a matter of priority with those whose lives are now being adversely affected by these repeated oil spills.”