Oropouche West MP: “not intimidated by Stuart Young and his rantings”

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Oropouche West MP: “not intimidated by Stuart Young and his rantings”

Oropouche West MP Dave Tancoo said he will not be intimidated by National Security Minister Stuart Young.

In a statement, concerning their interaction on Wednesday during a Standing Finance Committee meeting, where it is alleged that Minister Young said the Opposition MPs were making racist remarks and even referred to Tancoo as ‘Boy’, Tancoo said as a representative for ALL of Trinidad and Tobago he swore an oath of office to serve all without fear or favour, and he intends to do exactly that.

He said he will not be intimidated by Stuart Young and his rantings, by his race baiting or his divisive attacks.

Tancoo said “the vile comments were not just aimed at me personally, but against the integrity of our Parliament and the harmony of our nation. It was a disgraceful attempt by him to not only hide his incompetence, but rather divide our nation, so that he can continue to pursue his objectives at the expense of an already burdened country.”

He said “Calling an elected Member of the House of Representatives “boy” is indicative of an elitist mentality and the scorn with which Stuart Young regards citizens who do not share his privileged background. The offensive connotation associated with this term is well known and I reject it outright. The diverse citizenry we represent across Trinidad and Tobago will no longer be fragmented by Mr. Young’s utilisation of colonial-era “divide and conquer” strategies.

The UNC MP aded “It is disgraceful that this Minister continues to head, arguably, one of the more powerful Ministries in this country, and it is extremely disturbing that he would engage in such conduct.”

Tancoo closed by saying “The Minister of National Security does this nation a grave disservice by attempting to provoke such malice. I invite the Nation to see him for who he is, and condemn his odious posturing.”