Opposition leader: Let Jesus’ example of selfless love renew goodness in our country

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Opposition leader: Let Jesus’ example of selfless love renew goodness in our country

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has stated that the crucifixion of Jesus must inspire us with selfless love to renew goodness in our nation.

In her Good Friday message to the nation, she said:
Today as our Christian community observes the foundation of its faith, God’s ultimate sacrifice to save humanity through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I offer my solemn wishes for a blessed day of prayerful reflection and spiritual rejuvenation.

As we reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ, His selfless journey of courage from being betrayed, falsely accused, scourged and crucified, we are called to acknowledge what can only be described as the ultimate show of love for humanity.

As a nation and as a united people, the Crucifixion of Jesus must inspire us through His perfect example of selfless love to renew goodness in our country. The lesson of Good Friday reminds us that not only did God sacrifice his only Son, but Jesus willingly accepted the agony of the cross so that the will of God could be fulfilled to save humanity.

As a people, we are called to demonstrate selfless love to break down the barriers of division, resentment, and disunity to save a nation facing grave difficulties as never seen before.
As a country, we cannot abandon those burdened by the rising crime, the rising cost of living, poverty and hopelessness.

We are called to be selfless, by putting the interests of those vulnerable citizens and the interest of restoring goodwill in our nation above self-gain.

This Good Friday as we reflect on how we can all positively impact our nation, let us remember that the only way we can reflect God’s will, especially those in authority, is by ensuring that our nation facilitates equal opportunity, safety, and prosperity for all.

I commend all those who would have undertaken their Lenten fast not only spiritually but by acts of charity and I implore all citizens to replicate such kindness as we work towards a brighter future.