Opposition Leader Accusing PM Of “Attempting To Hijack” DDP Office

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Opposition Leader Accusing PM Of “Attempting To Hijack” DDP Office

Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley is being accusing of attempting to hijack the Officer of Director of Public Prosecutions with a, “PNM private army of hand-picked foreign lawyers to prosecute political opponents.”

The condemnation comes from Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

This comes on the heels of the Prime Minister’s revelation that talks have been held with the Attorney General on finding lawyers outside of Trinidad and Tobago with the “necessary experience” to bolster the DPP’s staff.

When asked why no consideration is being given to Senior Counsels right here in Trinidad and Tobago, the Prime Minister said, “let’s get realistic, one of the things in the judicial system is something called conflict, the DPP is on one side representing the state, the other side is the criminals and all their friends, a lot of the lawyers work for the criminals and therefore cannot at one time in the same matter work for the DPP, so the pool of people available is not large.”

The Opposition Leader said the PM’s statements were also hypocritical.