Opposition claps back at PM, says TT being governed by ‘The Big Liar’

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Opposition claps back at PM, says TT being governed by ‘The Big Liar’

The Prime Minister is the one who is deliberately spreading lies in order to deflect from the lie he has been caught out on.

That’s the response from the United National Congress following a social media post by Dr Keith Rowley.

According to the UNC, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar never said that a Minister hosted a wedding in St. Clair in violation of Covid restrictions.
“What the Opposition Leader said was that a PNM financier allegedly hosted the wedding in St. Clair, with 250 guests two weekends ago, clearly contravening Covid regulations.

The party’s PRO, Kirk Meighoo, said “The Opposition Leader wanted the Prime Minister to answer whether any of his Ministers were present, because the UNC has information that Cabinet Ministers were in attendance.”

But, “typically, to avoid answering the question, Keith Rowley as usual tells another Big Lie to distract and change topic.”

The UNC said as far as the EBC is concerned, the entire delegation of the EBC that the UNC met with on 7 April 2021 — including EBC Chairman, Mark Ramkerrysingh, and CEO, Fern Narcis-Scope — told the UNC that the EBC WAS NOT CONSULTED BY THE GOVERNMENT on increasing the number of seats to 15.

“We remind the Prime Minister that, laid in Parliament in December 2020, the Twelfth Report of the Elections and Boundaries Commission on the Boundaries of the Electoral Districts in the Electoral Area of Tobago states as follows:
“6. Consequently, the Commission considers that no adjustment is necessary to existing boundaries of the electoral districts in the electoral area of Tobago.
7. The Commission accordingly recommends that there should be no change in the boundaries of the twelve electoral districts in the electoral area of Tobago.”

The party is asking : Is the Prime Minister now prepared to call the EBC Chairman, Mark Ramkerrysingh, a liar? Is the Prime Minister now prepared to call the EBC CEO, Fern Narcis-Scope, a liar?
Knowing Keith Rowley, this may very well be the case.

They said “Dr. Rowley must obviously believe that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are stupid. He is presently waking up to the fact that the majority are not his puppets.
Keith Rowley is now attempting to use Facebook to directly disseminate his deliberate misinformation to his followers.”

“If this is the era of the “Big Lie”, it does not come from North America. It comes from the fact that under Keith Rowley, we are being governed by the “Big Liar”.