Operations at performance spaces may be revised

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Operations at performance spaces may be revised

Changes may be coming to the way performance spaces operate.

The Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, has called for a meeting with the Board and Management of all performance spaces under his Ministry, following last Sunday’s staging at Queen’s Hall of the event Sekon Sunday, by young soca artist Sekon Sta.

Although the management of Queen’s Hall and the promoter assured that all protocols were observed, Minister Randall Mitchell is concerned with what he saw on the videos from the concert, which showed people dancing during the show.

One newspaper headline even referred to the event as a fete.

A statement from the Ministry said Mitchell called the meeting to urgently revise the operations of these performance spaces in line with the letter, spirit and intent of the COVID-19 Regulations and Protocols.

Sekon Sunday was recorded to be broadcast and invitations were issued to approximately 200 persons, well under the 50 percent quota now being allowed by the facility.

Patrons had to adhere to physical distancing, provide their contact information to allow for tracing if needs be, temperature checks, wearing of masks during the performance/activity etc.