Religious leaders urge citizens to reject racism

Religious leaders urge citizens to reject racism

The Open Bible Standard Churches of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. (OBSCTT) has urged everyone to reject racism in all its forms, outright.

According to OBSCTT, they take this stance on the grounds that God is not racist.

“He is the God who loves us, having created every one of us in His image. The Book of Acts tells us that God, “has made every nation of humanity to live all over the earth.”

“He has given them the seasons of the year and the boundaries within which to live. He has done this so that they
would look for God, somehow reach for him, and find him. In fact, he is never far from any one of us.” Acts 17:26-27 (GW)”

The group said that secondly, racism has shown itself to be very destructive in every nation where it has taken root and been allowed to flourish, damaging populations in many nations.

Additionally, even though it is natural to have an affinity or a special love for the particular ethnicity or race into which we were born, that affinity should not be the basis to look down upon, ill-speak and ill-treat, harm, endanger or destroy others of a different ethnicity or race.

Finally, the group said, “We in Trinidad and Tobago – with our many races and ethnicities, and the fact that many are of mixed heritage – have been able to co-exist in a generally harmonious manner despite occasional flare-ups.”

“However, this most recent attempt to cause racial tension and conflict in our nation must be stopped before it goes any further.”

“As a result, we call upon all of us to reject racism, and not to fan the flames of racism but to live consistently and constantly by and teach mutual respect and appreciation for each other.”

Meanwhile, the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies, Trinidad, and Tobago ( (PAWI) join in with the
national community to condemn the manifestation and expression of racism from all multi-ethnic communities, political and religious divide of our beloved nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

It said, “We believe that the coming to the front of this social cancer threatens the very fabric of the aspiration of our society to be one of racial harmony, law and order.”

“We appeal for an elimination and de-escalation of race rhetoric for the good of all our citizens with deep self-reflective humility, knowing that fixing the problems must begin with us.”

The organization said it raises its voices with the full awareness that the insipid presence of racism has plagued the church from its inception, as evident in God’s rebuke to Peter for referring to Gentiles as common and unclean, Acts 10:14, 15. b.

Additionally, President of the Hindu Women’s Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (HWOTT) Kamla Tewarie said the group denounces the deluge of racist attacks unleashed on the nation during and beyond the elections.

According to the group, they are appalled by the social media posts by individuals and leaders in society.

It noted, “Some religious leaders have risen to the task of exhorting their followers to desist from these divisive and destructive acts and we call on others to do the same.”

“We at the HWO value the relationships we have formed with other groups, in addressing national and regional issues.”

The group appealed to Trinbagonians to celebrate diversity.

“We must use our time and energy to making valuable contributions to the development of our ‘Bhoomi Maataa’, the land out ou birth.”