Only Calypso, Soca, Steelband, King & Queen shows allowed for Carnival 2022

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Only Calypso, Soca, Steelband, King & Queen shows allowed for Carnival 2022

Carnival 2022 will now be a scaled down version of T&T’s usual celebrations, this as the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts announced its plans after discussions with several Carnival stakeholders.

These included the National Carnival Commission, TUCO, Pan Trinbago, Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Bands Association, representatives of the Chutney Soca fraternity, Trinidad and Tobago Promoter’s Association, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, iGovtt, the Ministry of National Security, the Tobago Festivals Commission, and Corporate Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry in a release issued last evening said most stakeholders were in agreement that it would be “irresponsible to attempt to host Carnival in the way we are accustomed to with a parade of the bands and open events in light of the ongoing pandemic.”

Stakeholders suggested and agreed with the hosting of limited Carnival activities and events on the following conditions:

1. Carnival activities be held in pre-determined, pre-approved, safe zone type venues.
2. All participants be fully vaccinated (staff, patrons, service providers, artistes, and other cultural workers).   
3. That mask wearing and other Covid 19 type precautionary measures be followed.

“Further consultations were held with the Carnival stakeholders and comments were requested and received from the Ministry of Health.”


Carnival activities during the Carnival period in 2022 will be safe zone type activities at safe zone venues for vaccinated persons only.  

These safe-zone type events will be limited to fifty per cent capacity, with controlled entry and exit points and sanitization upon entry in accordance with the Public health regulations.  Events will take the for concert type shows such as soca and calypso concerts, calypso tents, soca, calypso, extempo and chutney competitions, steelband concerts, Carnival King and Queen shows, and Carnival theatre.  

”Fetes, parties and similar type events by any other name will not be allowed on account of the nature of those activities and the risk they pose to the increased spread of the Covid 19 virus. While PCR testing of patrons was considered as a form of risk mitigation, it was not deemed realistic as the cost per test per patron would be uneconomical.”

All performance spaces will be made available for bookings events at very affordable rates.  

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Randall Mitchell said, “This move represents a first step in restarting the events sector.  Given the economic importance of Carnival, we felt it was necessary to consider what was possible, and what events can be had safely. We look forward to the development of a calendar of events and its subsequent marketing so that we can all have a safe taste of the Carnival that is truly a part of all of us.”  

Minister Mitchell continued, “While we remain committed to safely restarting the events and entertainment sector, we must consider the global scenario which is that Trinidad and Tobago like the rest of the world are in the midst of a global pandemic which continues to evolve with new variants being detected causing health organisations worldwide to quickly adapt and change strategies.”